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Our Consultants

Dr Phill Knipe (PhD)

Phill received a BSc in physics and chemistry in 1990, his MPhil in physics in 2002 and a PhD in physics in 2013 from Murdoch University, Australia.  Since 1996 he has worked as a consultant physicist in the areas of ionising and non-ionising radiation protection in Australia and internationally.  In 2002 he set up Total Radiation Solutions which holds ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 accreditation. He is published in peer reviewed journals in the measurement of electromagnetic fields.  He is currently a member of Standards Australia Committee TE7 (EMF safety) and has been on the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) group for the development and maintenance of the IEC measurement and modelling of radio waves standard (62232) since 2007. He is an affiliate researcher at the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR). He is also a committee member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) and a joint member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) and European Bioelectromagnetics Association (EBEA)..


Jorg Jeske

Jorg commenced his technical career in 1971 and qualified to become a Technical Officer in the field of telecommunications. Since 1985 he has been involved in the operation and maintenance of radio & television broadcasting services for which he holds a BOCP. His involvement in the broadcasting area over the years has seen him progress through a range of positions from technical operations, supervision and management roles to ultimately being recognised as a subject matter expert in the field of RF EME. He is also a qualified trainer specialising in the field of RF EME training and is also an approved signatory for RF EME measurement and modelling, as well as being a NATA technical assessor.

His major academic achievements are:

  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management

  • Bachelor of Business Degree (Operations Management & Human Resource Management)

  • Post Certificate in Public Administration

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • Broadcasting Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency

  • Electronics and Communications Certificate


James Ward

James Ward graduated with a Bachelor in Communications Engineering in 1999. He has been involved in the RF EME industry since 2000. He is a principle employee of Total Radiation Solutions initially starting as a senior RF EME Drafter before completing training to become a NATA Assessor. James is a NATA accredited signatory for measurement and modeling of RF EME and manages the drafting team nationally.


John Collins (MSc, MPhil)

John was a research scientist for a major European Telecoms company for 35 years. He has investigated subjects such as optical fibre telecom systems through to human interface technologies. His last role was to assess the research into EMFs and human health. This role entailed risk assessment and public perception issues and the training of staff and customers on all aspects of RF systems and health issues. He is currently working as a consultant in the UK for TRS EU on EMF issues and training.

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