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TRS holds National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation

NATA laboratory – Accreditation No. 15096 complying to ISO/IEC 17025 - Testing

Assessment of Emissions and Immunity - Non-ionising Radiation Strength and Hazard Measurement


Measurement of electromagnetic fields in accordance with AS/NZS 2772.2 

  1. Broadband measurements of E-fields in the range of 300 kHz to 45.5 GHz (Excluding radar and similar pulsed sources)

  2. Broadband measurements of H-fields in the range of 300 kHz to 300 MHz

  3. Narrowband measurements of E-fields in the range of 27 MHz to 6 GHz

RF EME surveys can be completed to identify any areas where access by RF workers or members of the general public may need to be restricted. These RF surveys are completed by a qualified RF Measurement Officer and are performed according to the principles laid out in the Australian/New Zealand Standard “Radiofrequency fields – Part 2 – Principles and methods of measurement and computation – 3 kHz to 300 GHz AS/NZS 2772.2”.

Environmental measurements of RF EME emissions from a site can be measured and drawings produced. This is then analysed and reported on to ensure all surrounding facilities are within limits specified by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Full measurement and analysis can be carried out on-site, nationally.

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